The Curvaceous Charlotte McKinney is Single!

Who would believe that the gorgeous Charlotte Mckinney is single! Apparently, the leggy lass has been so busy with work the past few months that she has had no chance to date, she is, however, weighing her options now and is on the lookout for a guy with a great sense of humor. So all the single, eligible men out there should test their luck before this window of chance closes.

In a recent interview, Charlotte revealed that she has been so occupied with the much-awaited Baywatch reboot movie, that she did not have any time for a relationship. She also dismissed rumors of an ensuing romance with actor Scott Eastwood and declared that they were just great friends.

While Baywatch is all set to hit the screens in May, the 23-year-old is currently busy rocking the fashion scene with her fabulous appearances being captured by the paparazzi. She was recently spotted looking her stylish best on the promotional trail for her comedy movie, Mad Families. Charlotte sizzled with her toned legs and silky blonde locks as she went out for a coffee run with her equally stunning mother, Susan.

We hope that 2017 works out well for Charlotte, both on the professional as well as the personal front!

The Bold And Beautiful Kelly Brook

2017 is going to be a very organized year, what with the sizzling images of Kelly Brook adorning the walls of your homes as calendars! If the pictures that are doing the rounds are anything to go by, Kelly’s calendar shoot is nothing short of scintillating and scandalous. Kelly has posed for quite a few cleavage-revealing and topless photo shoots at the end of last year and has been attracting much attention for the same.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s Instagram is abuzz with serene photos of a white winter that she is enjoying back at her home in Kent. Kelly seems to be embracing the countryside while she can and is sharing tranquil pictures of icy ponds and snowy woods that she is encountering on her escapades.

Kelly recently dazzled Instagram (quite literally) with a candid picture of herself, wearing a head torch during a power cut in Kent. The storm was quite a dampener to her plans of enjoying a romantic evening with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, so the beauty resorted to this impromptu photo shoot instead.

Topless or not, we are loving the flood of Kelly Brook’s pictures on our feed and hope that she keeps them coming our way!

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